Who are we?

We are a 501(c)3, non-profit, multi-species animal sanctuary located in Gainesville, FL.

What is our mission statement?

  • Dedicated to providing excellent quality longterm care to abused, neglected and unwanted animals of all ages, breeds, species, and health status.
  • Committed to promoting responsible pet ownership through education and by setting an example.
  • Devoted to providing gentle, loving and personal end of life care when necessary.

Where do the animals in our program come from originally?

The majority of the animals in our program were originally scheduled for euthanasia at one of our local animal control facilities.

The sad truth …
Animals at our county shelters may be selected for euthanasia if …

  • they don’t get adopted in a timely manner from that facility
  • they are scared, fearful or timid and therefore don’t “show” well
  • they have medical and/or surgical conditions
  • they are voluntarily “owner surrendered”
  • the shelters are simply out of cage space

We strive to prevent the euthanasia of deserving, special needs and geriatric animals by taking them into our program and providing them with lifelong care at our sanctuary farm.  We never discriminate against age, breed, species, appearance, background or health status.

Our permanent resident population includes:

  • geriatric animals who simply need a safe, loving “retirement home”
  • animals who have lifelong medical concerns and who require lifelong medications / treatments
  • animals who have behavioral concerns

We also provide gentle, personal and loving “end of life” care to animals who are suffering and who have terminal illnesses or conditions.