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Take a look!

Take a look!! The windows and doors are installed and the dog house is getting closer and closer to being move-in ready! There are 2 windows along the back wall and on each side wall as well. There will be lots of natural lighting – good for the dogs and good for the utility bill!

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We’re gettin’ there …

It’s so nice to know that next Winter the cold weather will not dictate our dog’s housing arrangements and daily routines! No doubt about it … the cold weather greatly complicates things for us and our residents! But … the walls of our new dog house are well on their way to completion! Next comes [...]

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Hang In There Ramona!


Please keep our resident turkey girl, Ramona, in your thoughts. Yesterday, she suddenly became unable to bear weight on her right leg. We suspect she got stepped on as she generally free ranges with our goats, horse and donkey. She is a huge bird (~ 30 lbs) and if she isn’t able to heal quickly [...]

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Hen House Or Dog House?

  The chickens are going to be a bit angry when they find out that our new structure is for the dogs … and not them! Regardless, the roof is done!! It looks wonderful and while it’s a huge milestone in the building progress … it also means that we no longer have to drape [...]

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Making Progress …

Despite the recent cold temps and impending rain, we’re chipping away at The Dog House! The “skeleton” is complete and the next step is installing the tin roof! The windows & doors are ready & waiting and we’ve picked out siding! We’re gettin’ there!

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