Second Chance Farms is a 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary. We offer unwanted, abused, neglected and homeless critters of all species a second chance at having a healthy, happy and loving home.

Second Chance Farms Blog

Oops – We Missed September

We’re sorry that we missed September’s update from the farm! We kind of have a good excuse though. We had a baby (of the human variety)!! We’ve been quite busy but everyone at the farm (both human and animal) is well and we’ll get an update out soon!

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August Update

Well, the month of August came and went here at the farm and we’re still eagerly awaiting cooler and drier weather!! The last few mornings have shown some hope … slightly cooler and less humid … however, the consistent daily thunderstorms continue to create a mess everywhere you look. We’ve had a few large tree […]

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July Update – Rain, Rain Go Away

Granted, we’d also complain if there was no rain … but geesh … can’t we find a happy-medium?!? It has been one of the wettest Summers that we can recall and the calf-high (literally) mud in areas of our pasture serve as proof! Luckily, the property does tend to drain well and so we don’t […]

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June Brings A New Visitor!

   The month of June has, overall, been good to us here at the farm. While the daily thunderstorms pose their challenges; especially for our storm phobic canine residents … the extra showers have made the farm quite green with plant growth. Our pasture is thriving and flowers are blooming! And over the past few […]

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The Summer Is Upon Us!

The month of May seemed to fly by and here we are already in June! We apologize for missing last month’s update – but we’ve been busy, busy and so here’s a run-down of what’s been happening down at the farm. Last month, we struggled a lot with keeping our resident chicken flock safe from […]

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