Happy New Year!

We do a slightly better job at posting updates on our Facebook page … but we hope you all had a very happy holiday season and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Puppyhood - It's been A Long Time...

It's been many years since SCF has taken in a puppy. We used to take in entire litters on a regular basis ... but in more recent years, we've switched gears and have focused more on geriatric and special needs adult animals. Recently, however, this cute little guy came to us as a stray. He was found by a Good Samaritan along the interstate! At 6 weeks old, he certainly wasn't able to make it on his own and when we were approached about taking him in ... we admit to falling for that adorable face. And so Beetle Bug came home to farm where he will stay as a permanent resident. Our elderly resident dogs weren't exactly excited to see him come. Those sharp puppy teeth, exuberant pouncing, middle-of-the-night whining and constant puppy antics where a thing of the past for all of us! But since his homecoming, we've all adjusted and even the old dogs have come to appreciate (or at least tolerate) this youngster and his playfulness. Beetle is learning all about the many other farm residents and has quickly become a valued member of our resident population. We had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy at the farm! But we think he's a great addition and we are glad to be able to provide him a long-term home. Welcome home Beetle Bug! We're glad that you got your second chance with us!

Chicken, Chickens Everywhere!

We recently were asked about taking in a large number of hens from a commercial farm. The birds were to be euthanized as the farm didn't need them for production and didn't have space for them. And while we couldn't commit to saving them all ... we did agree to take in quite a few - 70 to be exact! Wow, right?!?! These birds have been at the farm for a few weeks now and they are literally learning how to be chickens. They were born and raised in big commercial poultry houses and so being outside was a new experience for them. They are slowly learning how to roost at night, for example, as they had become accustomed to sleeping in a pile on the ground. In another week or two, we'll open their coop door and let them taste real freedom for the first time! It will surely be quite the sight as they run and flap wings in more space than they've ever known! We'll be sure to take video and pictures to document the moment. Until then, these gals will continue to adapt to the sights and sounds of the outdoors and will continue to learn the essentials of being a happy, free-ranging chicken!

As one can imagine, our chicken feed bill has increased significantly since welcoming these 70 new hens to the farm! If you are interested in contributing to their care, please consider making a donation towards the purchase of their feed! We truly appreciate your support!

Such A Sweet Soul

Yesterday, we took this sweet gentleman with soulful eyes into our program. He is an absolute mess on the outside ... but what a truly sweet soul on the inside! Essentially, he came "home" to the farm where he will live out the rest of his days knowing love and being a part of a family. We don't think he has much time left as he has numerous significant physical health concerns. But we will manage his pain with medications and we'll keep his infections at bay with antibiotics. Welcome home Gus Jack ... you're a very good boy and we'll do the best we can for you during your time with us!


Update: We knew that our time with Gus Jack would be limited when he came to us. We were pleased, however, that we were able to share almost a year with this gentleman. Despite being on numerous medications, when he became unable to to walk and stand without pain we knew that it was time to help this sweet guy pass. Gus Jack thoroughly enjoyed a pork dinner and our little girls sat with him while he fell asleep. Once he came home to the farm, he never left ... including during and after his final moments with us. Gus Jack, like all of our animal residents, now rests forever at the farm. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to know this sweet guy and we're happy to have been able to give him a much deserved second chance. Rest easy sweet boy.