Chicken, Chickens Everywhere!

We recently were asked about taking in a large number of hens from a commercial farm. The birds were to be euthanized as the farm didn't need them for production and didn't have space for them. And while we couldn't commit to saving them all ... we did agree to take in quite a few - 70 to be exact! Wow, right?!?! These birds have been at the farm for a few weeks now and they are literally learning how to be chickens. They were born and raised in big commercial poultry houses and so being outside was a new experience for them. They are slowly learning how to roost at night, for example, as they had become accustomed to sleeping in a pile on the ground. In another week or two, we'll open their coop door and let them taste real freedom for the first time! It will surely be quite the sight as they run and flap wings in more space than they've ever known! We'll be sure to take video and pictures to document the moment. Until then, these gals will continue to adapt to the sights and sounds of the outdoors and will continue to learn the essentials of being a happy, free-ranging chicken!

As one can imagine, our chicken feed bill has increased significantly since welcoming these 70 new hens to the farm! If you are interested in contributing to their care, please consider making a donation towards the purchase of their feed! We truly appreciate your support!